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Person pointing a pen at implant-retained dentures

Implant-retained Dentures in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas for Full-mouth Restoration

Also known as overdentures or implant-supported dentures, these dentures are secured to the top of your gums with the help of implants. Most implant-supported dentures require at least four implants, but this may vary. When compared to conventional dentures, they offer more stability and chewing function. However, they must be removed and cleaned every night. This provides the gum tissues with some much-needed rest. If you need implant-retained dentures in Edmonton and surrounding areas, visit Reconciled Smiles Inc today!

Pros and Cons of Overdentures

Consider the following pros and cons before getting overdentures:



  • Stable with superior strength

  • Won't loosen while speaking

  • Good chewing ability

  • Comfortable, custom fit

  • More aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking 



  • Attachments can become loose and require tightening

  • Expensive

  • Increased treatment time

  • Invasive surgery

  • May need a bone graft or sinus augmentation to support the denture implants

Closeup of implanted dentures
A picture of teeth being implanted.

Get Optimal Fit and Function

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