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Closeup of immediate dentures

Get Immediate Dentures in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

Removable immediate dentures can be placed directly after the extraction of your natural teeth. Although convenient, they are considered more challenging because they are not moulded to your gums. Moreover, they don't look as natural and require more upkeep. They will require multiple liners as the gums heal and stabilize. After 6 months, they will require a reline or replacement. To know more or to get fitted with immediate dentures in Edmonton and surrounding areas, schedule a visit to Reconciled Smiles Inc. We look forward to improving your smile.

Pros and Cons of Immediate Dentures

Consider the following pros and cons before getting immediate dentures:


  • Allows you to have teeth while your mouth is healing

  • Provides a temporary solution for eating and talking after getting teeth extracted

  • Serves as a bandaid for healing, minimizing swelling and bleeding



  • Less natural looking than permanent dentures

  • More susceptible to breakage and bacteria buildup

  • Requires multiple adjustments, relines, and replacements

Closeup of immediate dentures with the label H. Reynolds

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